Years ago, as a fan of the Admirals hungry to know more about the history of the club, I took to the library and breezed through countless spools of microfilm of the Milwaukee Journal newspaper. With no index or search tool, it's a blind search of each day's sports section in order to find what I was looking for. Very frustrating, but very rewarding when I did find something.

This is the summary of the team's first season. Use the arrows located by the year at the title of each page to scroll through the history of the team.

To my surprise, I found that the Admirals were originally known as the Wings in their first season. The team changed it's name after this season to the Admirals.

Current AHL off-ice official Lee Morbeck has been around the Admirals since day one, and he's been kind enough to fill me in with some more background on the early years.

The team wore a green jersey with white numbers with white and blue stripes on the sleeves. Green pants with white stripes on the sides with green socks with white and blue stripes. These same uniforms were worn by for the next two seasons with "Admirals" in white letters on front diagonally.

The team was born January 24, 1970. They played their first game at the grand opening of the new Wilson Park Arena. I've posted newspaper articles at the bottom of this page. They played a regular schedule of home games on Saturday evenings. Tickets were $1.50 for adults and 50 cents for kids under 16.

Independent     GP W L T
Milwaukee Wings 15 8 7 0

General Manager
Warren "Reed" Fansher
Paul Doud

 # Player Name
   (unknown first name) Benson - listed in box scores
   Dave Bradshaw
   Gordie Bradshaw
13 Bill Budris
   Bob Burckhardt (passed away 9/95)
 1 Dennis Butler (G)
11 Paul Doud (player/coach)
   Warren "Reed" Fansher (GM played one shift in first game)
17 Gerald "Jerry" Federighe
18 Mike Gallo
   Gene Grenier
 9 Dave Hermanson
   Bruce Ingersoll (became a Wall Street Journal reporter)
35 Tim Janoska (G)
 8 Chuck Kennedy
15 Dale Kennedy
 4 James Lowney
 2 Bill Marsh - came to team after the 2nd game from the Milwaukee Winter Club
12 Duke Nettle - fan favorite, resident goon
14 Jim Paull - also worked as a linesman
   Tom "Butch" Provo - played half the season
 5 Norman Rand - joined the team after 4 or 5 games
   Rick Rocco
 6 Roy Salmela
16 Tony Scozzafave
 1 Don Signoretti (G)- came to team after Butler left in March
   (unknown first name) Sundquist - listed in box scores
 7 Reijo Vuorinen (passed away 3/08)

Tommy McShane (passed away 12/82)
Equipment Manager
Bill LaBeau
Promotion & Publicity
Lee Morbeck
Ticket Sales and treasurer
Pat Doud
Don Allard & Bob Zanoni

Here is a game log, which will most certainly always be incomplete since I'm finding some game results were not printed in the Milwaukee Journal.
January 24 - View article
Lost 17-7 to the Madison All Stars
Goal scorers - Dave Bradshaw (2), Gordie Bradshaw (2), Rick Rocco, Dave Hermanson, Duke Nettle
Milwaukee goaltenders - Dennis Butler (23 saves), Tim Janoski (24 saves)
record is 0-1

January 31
Won 10-8 over the Milwaukee Winter Club
Goal scorers - Reijo Vuorinen (4), Jerry Lederighe (3)
record is 1-1

February 7
Lost 14-7 to the Newport Club (St. Paul Park, MN)
Goal scorers - Dale Kennedy (2), Paul Doud, Dave Bradshaw
record is 1-2

February 14
(unknown score) lost to Pekin (IL)
record is 1-3

February 21
Won 8-6 over the Madison All Stars
Goal scorers - Dale Kennedy (2), Gordie Bradshaw, Reijo Vuorinen, Duke Nettle, Bill Marsh, Sundquist, Chuck Kennedy
Goaltenders - Dennis Butler and Dan Signoretti
record is 2-3

February 22
unknown outcome vs. Milwaukee Winter Club

February 28
unknown outcome vs. Chicago Chargers

plus... one more game that I know nothing about according to the March 7th game summary, the team's record went from 2-3 on Feb. 21 to 5-4 after March 7. Perhaps Sunday, March 1??

March 7
Won 20-4 over Escanaba Hawks
Goal scorers - Dave Hermanson (3), Norm Rand (3), Jerry Federighe (3)
record is 5-4

March 14
Won 9-6 over the Madison Blues
Goal scorers - Paul Doud (2), Chuck Kennedy (2), Dave Hermanson, Duke Nettle, Benson, Reijo Vuorinen, Bill Marsh
record is 6-4

March 21
Lost 16-5 to South St. Paul
Goal scorers - Bill Marsh (2), Norm Rand, Jerry Federighe, Paul Doud
record is 6-5

The team took a weekend off due to a hockey tournament held on March 28 at Wilson Park between Madison hockey teams.

Another unknown game. The team is listed as 6-7 after April 4, so they lost a game in this time. Perhaps a road game on March 28 or a game on March 29.

April 4
Lost 7-1 to Pekin (IL)
Goal scorer - Reijo Vuorinen
This was a fight filled game.
record is 6-7

April 11
Won 6-5 over the Chicago Chargers
Goal scorers - Reijo Vuorinen (3), Chuck Kennedy (2)
record is 7-7

A search of the following weekend's newspaper articles on microfilm turned up nothing of the final game of the season.

News articles
note - I've corrected many mistakes (factual and spelling) in the original articles

New Hockey Team in Need of Players (from the Milwaukee Journal - Jan. 7, '70)
View article
Men 18 and over interested in playing amateur hockey have been invited to try out for a new team in the Milwaukee area. W. R. Fansher said that tentative plans for the club called for an independent schedule this season with a possible berth in the state tournament at Eagle River in March. More information can be obtained from Fansher at 3728 S. 43rd St., or by calling {ph #}.

Hockey Team to Play 1st Game (from the Milwaukee Journal - Jan. 18, '70)
View article
Men's amateur hockey will return to the Milwaukee area beginning Saturday at 7 p.m. at the dedication of the $1.7 million Wilson Park Recreation Center, 4001 S. 20th St.

The Milwaukee Wings newly formed hockey team in the area, will play a Madison team. There will be no admission charge. Bob Burckhardt, defenseman for the Wings, said that the team hoped to play 10 other games at the Center this winter, but that dates and opponents still were undetermined.

The team has several players who competed for the West Allis Flyers of the Wisconsin State Amateur League from 1959-'61. The Wings will play an independent schedule this season, Burckhardt said.

Hockey Team Left in Cold Searching for a Sponsor (from the Milwaukee Journal by Nolan Zavoral - Jan. 22, '70)
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The Milwaukee Wings, new men's amateur hockey team in the area, have looked for a sponsor. And looked and looked. They need $1,000 for such items as jerseys, pants, socks and sticks.

Warren Fansher, Wings' general manager, said Wednesday that he and other players have exhausted the usual channels for support of the team. He said hockey supply firms in Detroit, Chicago and St. Paul have turned down sponsorship because other amateur teams have borrowed money from them and then gone into hiding.

Local sources also have been contacted, Fansher added, but they too have said no, not $1,000 this year. "When you approach somebody in town about the team," Fansher said, "they probably think, 'Oh, no, not another team.'

"That's because amateur hockey has had such bum luck here."

Men's amateur hockey had it's last fling in the area, at least on a large scale basis, in 1961. That year the West Allis Flyers folded after six seasons in the Wisconsin State Amateur League.

Things are different these days, Fansher said, because the Wings have access to the Wilson Park Recreation Center, 4001 S. 20th St. The Wings will play the Madison (Wis.) All-Stars in one of several events celebrating the opening of the $1.7 million sports complex Saturday at 7 p.m. There will be no admission charge for the game.

The Wings, an independent team, hope to play six or seven games this winter at the center, which offers excellent facilities for player and fan, is indoor, and has a seating capacity of 2,300.

Even if the Wings don't attract a sponsor, Fansher is confident that the team will somehow get through this season and next. His optimism is based on the sort of men who make up the team.

Two of the players, for example, have purchased $400 worth of hockey sticks for the team, realizing they will not be paid back until a sponsor is found.

"I won't say which two men were responsible for the sticks," Fansher said. "If their wives ever found out, it would be all over."
A total of 45 players turned out for the first practice last week, and two played at the University of Wisconsin, Chuck Kennedy and Rich Rocco. Ages of players range from 18 to 35, and occupations from truck driver to civil engineer.

Fansher said he received between 80 and 100 phone calls the last two weeks from men interested in joining the team. One caller boasted that he was a very experienced player. Good, too.

Fansher perked up, and asked him where he had played.
"Mostly on the Milwaukee River," came the reply.
"Forget it," Fansher said, and hung up.
(article was accompanied by a picture of Warren Fansher)

Local Skaters Lose in Debut (from the Milwaukee Journal - Jan. 25, '70)
The Madison (Wis.) All-Stars ruined the Milwaukee Wings debut as an amateur hockey team by handing them a 17-7 defeat Saturday night at the Wilson Park Recreation Center. The $1.7 million center was dedicated Saturday.

Jim Craig and Mark Fitzgerald each scored five goals for Madison, which led by 4-0 after the first period and was never behind. Dave Bradshaw and brother Gordie had two goals apiece for Milwaukee. Rick Rocco, Dave Hermanson and Duke Nettle also scored for the Wings, who had only four practice sessions before the game. Madison goalie Jerry Hartwig made 28 saves. Goalies Dennis Butler and Tim Janoska had 23 and 24 saves, respectively for the Wings.

Wings Win (from the Milwaukee Journal - Feb. 2, '70)
The Milwaukee Wings defeated the Milwaukee Winter Club, 10-8, in an amateur hockey game Saturday night at the Wilson Park Recreation Center. Reijo Vuorinen scored four goals for the Wings and teammate Jerry Lederighe added three.