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This is the end

No more site updates unless I have a serious change of heart.

Too many ping-ping stick giveaways drove me away from attending every Admirals game in 2011-12. I could not attend a game without having a group of people near me spending more time playing with their free annoying toy than watching the game they paid to see. I've only been to a few games since mid-December 2011.

In my time away, I was able to focus all of my hockey fan energy on following the NHL. I have been an NHL fan since the early 80's, but following the Admirals so closely restricted my ability to keep up with the best league in the world. I watched every Predators and Penguins game this season and found time to take in several other games from around the league.

I will keep this site online as you see it now. The history and photo sections are still getting traffic, and I have no intentions on removing them any time soon.

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